IOM European Championship 2018.

Dear sailors, before few hours we closed stage one. Just to remind you, closing date was January 6th.

On the stage one list we have 56 names. We didn't received entry form of current European Champion, Mr.Bradley Gibson, Brasilian and Canadian representatives, also teams from Finland, Ireland, Israel and Malta and Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Portugal didn't sent entry forms for all their reserved places.

That means that we have 15 empty places that are waiting stage two.

For now we also have 15 names on the list of stage two, but first IOMICA team must check are all stage one sailors have sent their entry forms and entry fees. That will be probably finished during next week.

In meantime I would like to remind you on preeuropean race that will be in Rogoznica on January 19th-21st. That will also be Open Croatian Championship. We have 55 names on competitors list and 5 places are still empty. If you would like to check sailing venue please check web page of event.